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Battlefield Effects (BFX)

Battlefield Effects Support Team


MSSI can provide Battlefield Effects Support Teams (BEST) to add realism to military training.  Each Team can operate individually or as a section to support operations over a wide geographic area.




Pyrotechnic Operators


Our BEST Pyrotechnicians possess state and federal licensing to conduct special effects and fireworks.  Along with maintaining proficiency through in-house training and evaluations.  Our teams come with all the product and equipment to complete a variety of simulations to include:

Improvised Explosive Device (IED)


Rocket Propelled Grenades


Blank Firing Weapons

Vehicle Borne IED (VBIED)


Mortar / Rocket launchers


Suicide Vest

 Fire Markers


MSSI can also provide Fire Markers for military training exercises. All our Fire Markers are former military and trained in Call for Fire procedures as well Close Air Support Missions and come with pyrotechnic pistols to simulate the effects of Supporting Arms.



Photo Credit: Scott Rolick

Photo Credit: Scott Rolick

Photo Credit: Scott Rolick

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