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Firearm Rentals

MSSI can provide various weapons for military training, events and exercises. These weapons can be configured for blank and live fire, depending on the unit requirements.


We also have access to one the world’s largest inventories of foreign weapons that allows us to provide hands on threat weapons training for almost any area world-wide.


Every firearm rental comes with an armorer or employee permitted to handle, ensure safety, security, accountability and proper function of each weapon.  All weapons go through extensive pre-fire safety inspection prior to use by a certified armorer.

Sample List of Available Firearms:


M240           M249           M134          M79           M60           M14           AR-15           M-4          SVD


AK-47         PKM           RPD            RPK             RPG-7        FN-FAL       DSHK        GP-25       AMD-65




*Please contact us for availability of any firearm not listed.  Some firearms may not be available in large quantities.

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