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MSSI can provide tailor made expert instruction for your organization, many courses can be combined to fit your requirements or limitations.


Weapons Safety


Safe handling of firearms is the number one priority in firearm ownership. MSSI can provide classes on safe weapons handling and storage, information on current laws and owner responsibilities.


Foreign Weapons


MSSI has access to one of the largest weapons inventories in the country. We can provide Briefs on threat weapons found in any theater and also provide "Live Fire" training for most weapons systems found throughout the world.


Tactical Marksmanship


MSSI instructors have over 20yrs experience in teaching handgun and rifle marksmanship to Special Operations and Law Enforcement personnel worldwide. A package can be designed to fit your needs and requirements along with recommendation on equipment and tactics.


Some of the other courses that can be provided are:


• Scoped Rifle Applications

• Tactical Combat Casualty Care

• High Risk Personnel Training

• Close Quarters Battle Techniques


Universal Training Munitions (UTM)


MSSI is now a Professional Training Organization (PTO) for Phoenix RBT Solutions which utilizes Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM). There is no longer a need to change out the upper  on your rifle, but only change out to a bolt conversion that allows you to keep all your accessories (optics, flashlight). This allows you to train with your duty weapon, increasing operator proficiency.



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